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Download your free Roadmap to Healthy Schools Guidebook

A Roadmap & Guidebook to Implementing a Collaborative Approach to Learning & Health at the School Level

The Destination: Healthy Schools Successful Students provides a structure for you to track your milestones and log your progress along your journey toward creating a healthy school environment. When you get stuck, the Destination provides guidance, direction, and tips for success for school health co-leaders, team members, and school administrators.

The Destination is written in two sections: The Roadmap, and The Guidebook. 

The Roadmap: Getting Started with School Health is written primarily for schools that are just starting to implement school health initiatives or have experienced high turnover in your wellness team. You'll explore:

  • Step-by-step guidance for creating a team with administrator support
  • Tips for conducting school health assessments
  • Guidance for implementing and evaluating a School Health Improvement Plan

The Guidebook: Creating a Healthy School Culture is appropriate for all school teams, and will be particularly relevant for experienced school teams that have been in place for more than one school year. In this section, you'll explore: 

  • Research for healthy school implementation
  • Strategies and techniques for sustainability
  • Sample documents to organize your health initiatives