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Download your free Roadmap to Healthy Schools Guidebook

A Roadmap & Guidebook to Creating a Sustainable Culture of Learning & Health at the District Level

The Destination: Healthy Schools Successful Students provides a structure for you to track your milestones and log your progress along your journey toward creating a healthy school environment. When you get stuck, the Destination provides guidance, direction, and tips for success for school health co-leaders, team members, and school administrators.

The Destination is written in two sections: The Roadmap, and The Guidebook. 

The Roadmap is your companion piece to the school-level Roadmap:
Getting Started With School Health. The Roadmap outlines the District
Health and Wellness Coordinator’s overall roles and responsibilities
throughout the school year as well as those specific to every Mile
Marker. In this section you'll explore:

  • Outline of the roles and responsibilities of District Health and Wellness Coordinators 
  • Tips for success in supporting school health teams
  • Resources to aid your work at the district level
The Guidebook is comprised of several Travel Guides, each of which is topic-focused and provides in-depth information and strategies. In this section, you will learn about:
  • Collaborating with community partners and getting others to notice & support your efforts
  • Developing high-performing teams 
  • Driving the District Health Advisory Committee
  • Using data and best practices to drive successful meetings and decision making